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Child Car Seat Comparisons


Like all our product spotlights, these child car seats have been narrowed down by our staff to allow you to save time and to quickly make a buying decision that's right for you. Your time is precious. We understand that. That's why we've combed through child car seats to create a select list for your review.

The three child car seats compared below stand out among the field and have been found to meet eReviewsPlus.com standards. For each highlighted product below, we provide a link to find more detailed information and purchasing instructions. Take advantage of the research work performed by our staff, and choose the right product for you, and remember to compare before you buy at eReviewsPlus.com.

Roundabout Convertible LATCH Car Seat

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Price: $219.99
Customer Comments:

My son who is now three outgrew his infant seat at 3 months. This did not come with latch three years ago, but is absolutely fantastic. I used with the top tether always in my lexus truck, and used it rear facing until he was a year old. It never budged once installed, and now I am buying a britax husky to take him to 80 lbs. In retrospect, had it been available then, I would have picked the marathon which goes to 65 lbs, and I could have just switched to a lightweight booster at that point. It is still really nice to have a small, light, and portable infant car seat for the first few months, when you don't want to disturb baby every time you pop her in and out of the car. So you might want to buy the marathon when baby is 6 months or heavy enough you won't be carrying around a car seat with baby strapped in it :-) And depending on the state you live in, the marathon might be the last car seat you ever buy.

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Marathon Convertible Car Seat

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Price: $269.99
Customer Comments:

My two-year-old daughter has had the "faux paws" model with dog paws, etc since she was about 6 months old. The seat grows with the kids. She's currently two years old and looks like she has years left in it. We just ordered the All-star seat for our newborn who is due in a couple of days. As soon as he gets out of the rear-facing seat he's going directly into this thing--you don't need any other seat until they get into their booster seats. You can also change the covers and get different patterns (which we haven't had to do for my daughter since the original is machine washable). There is no competition here--this seat is tops. Oh, and it has the LATCH system.

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Britax Regent Youth Car Seat

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Price: $239.00
Customer Comments:

First of all I want to start by saying that I ordered this seat yesterday with Happy Mothers and it already arrived today without any expedited shipping which I thought was great! The seat came and yes it is large and heavy! The DSL guy had a hard time getting it up the front steps to my house. The seat was so easy to set up. I had used a Decathalon for my daughter before this so I was familiar with how a Britax seat works. It was fairly easy to install despite it's size. It is pretty cumbersome. I was able to do it by myself in about 15 minutes. I have a Minivan with Captain's chairs and this seat is taller than the chair and hangs over the seat slightly to give you an idea of the size.

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How We Choose Our Products:
We at eReviewsPlus.com choose our product spotlights carefully, taking into consideration consumer trends, items we believe may add value to our audience, and feedback we receive on products and services of interest. For all products and services we spotlight, we generally seek no fewer than three items per target area for review, with our staff doing due diligence on the potential products. In addition to the reviewed products, we offer a link below to other related products that may also satisfy your buying interest. Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with our service.

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