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Inflatable Boat Comparisons


Like all our product spotlights, these inflatable boats have been narrowed down by our staff to allow you to save time and to quickly make a buying decision that's right for you. Your time is precious. We understand that. That's why we've combed through inflatable boats to create a select list for your review.

The three inflatable boats compared below stand out among the field and have been found to meet eReviewsPlus.com standards. For each highlighted product below, we provide a link to find more detailed information and purchasing instructions. Take advantage of the research work performed by our staff, and choose the right product for you, and remember to compare before you buy at eReviewsPlus.com.

Mariner 400 Boat Set 68376E w/ Rigid Floor; Oars & Air Pump

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Price: $210.00
Product Description:

Dimensions: 129" x 57" x 19" Weight Capacity: Up to 880 lbs with 4 persons Constructed of rugged SUPER-TOUGH PVC. SUPER-TOUGH PVC is an extremely strong and durable plastic material that is impervious to gasoline, oil and salt water. The strong molecular structure of this plastic makes it highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight. This special PVC plastic material also allows more air pressure for greater rigidity while maintaining the PVC material's natural flexibility. The Mariner 400's SUPER-TOUGH construction is made with 3 separate layers of 26.4 gauge (0.65mm) material - two outer layers of heavy-gauge pvc laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement. The quality and design of this material results in extra strength and extreme durability. This reinforced PVC plastic is much thicker than comparable inflatable boats; the Mariner 400 Boat is built to get you there and back! Two Boston valve on main hull chamber for quick-fills and fast-deflations The keel is inflatable; this results in improved control and handling A durable rock guard lines the circumference of the hull above which an all-around nylon grab line circles the upper hull The Mariner 400's floor is made of heavy duty extruded plastic for both comfort and rigidity Each Mariner 400 Boat Set includes: Two 54" deluxe boat oars with lightweight yet durable aluminum shafts Three inflatable seat cushions One high-output manual pump One gear pouch One battery pouch Two attached rotationary oar locks Two fishing rod holders Two heavy duty grab handles; one on the bow and one on the stern One repair patch-kit The Mariner 400 includes motor mount fittings ***** Optional: Motor Mount, order Amazon ASIN# B000NR4DB2 ***** and convenient oar holders The Marriner 400 has been assigned a U.S. Coast Guard I.D. and the Mariner 400 is certified by the National Marine Manufacturer's Association (NMMA)

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Sevylor Fish Master 325 Inflatable Boat W/2 Seats

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Price: $399.99
Product Description:

Designed for serious hunting and fishing expeditions, the five-person Sevylor Fish Master 325 inflatable boat features a rugged double hull construction, wooden slatted floors, and two wooden bench seats. The outer hull is made of high-quality composite fabric PVC with polyester, while the upper deck is made of super-strong nylon. It also features electronically welded seams, swivel oarlocks, oar holders, mooring ring, fishing rod holder, water drain plugs, grab line and a nylon carry bag. It can be used with an outboard gas motor up to 3 horsepower.


  • Length overall (LOA): 10 feet, 3 inches
  • Beam: 4 feet, 2 inches
  • Weight: 43 pounds
  • Maximum engine power: 3 HP
  • Capacity: 5 persons
  • Weight capacity: 900 pounds

About Sevylor
In 1948 in Vitry, a small suburb of Paris, France, Berco Grimbert created an electronics company called Societe Electronique de Vitry, or SEVY for short. Soon, a friend of Grimbert's from New York commissioned SEVY to produce high frequency welding machines capable of fusing a new material called PVC (poly vinyl chloride). SEVY's machines worked very well and the American friend developed a very successful business manufacturing swimming pool related products. He then taught SEVY how to work with PVC.

One of the first PVC products SEVY produced was inflatable bathtub called Dou Dou. It was an instant hit in postwar France--mothers could bathe their children even where no facilities were available. The media hailed Dou Dou as a significant invention. Soon, SEVY added small pools and flotation devices such as rings, beach balls, and inflatable swim jackets to its product line. Safe, hygienic products, made of PVC and designed for portability, durability and convenience, became the SEVY trademark.

The company quickly outgrew its small facilities in Vitry. Mr. Grimbert accepted an attractive offer from the French government to take over a defunct textile factor in the tiny Alsatian village of Buhl. After establishing its new headquarters, the company added the letters "lor" to its name, and became Sevylor. In French, l'or means gold. By coincidence, or possibly fate, Sevylor has proven to be "as good as gold" to its owners, retailers, consumers, and employees.

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RST Marine Navigator III 400 4-Person Lake and Recreation Inflatable Boat

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Price: $314.95
Product Description:

The Navigator III-400 Lake Boat has an optional motor fitting for you to cruise the lakes. -12' Long x 5' Wide -Max Load - 616 lbs -1000 Denier 3 Ply PVC hull with 2 main air chambers. -I-Beam inflatable floor with drain plug. -Inflatable Cushion seats. -Quick inflation and deflation valve. -Inflatable keel. -Optional motor fitting. -PVC protective strake. -Complete set includes: Boat, Individual Seats, Lightweight Oars, Gear Bag, High Output Pump, and Carry Case.

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How We Choose Our Products:
We at eReviewsPlus.com choose our product spotlights carefully, taking into consideration consumer trends, items we believe may add value to our audience, and feedback we receive on products and services of interest. For all products and services we spotlight, we generally seek no fewer than three items per target area for review, with our staff doing due diligence on the potential products. In addition to the reviewed products, we offer a link below to other related products that may also satisfy your buying interest. Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with our service.

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